Our Models

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with some amazing models past and present.

We currently have a group of about ten fantastic male and female models that we regularly book.

If you are interested in modelling for us occasionally, whether you are a professional or a complete novice - we would be happy to hear from you. Please contact Emma at: deallifedrawing@gmail.com

We appreciate how challenging life modelling can be for a new or experienced model wishing to model for us for the first time and hope to make the process as enjoyable and stress-free as we can, for models and artists alike.

Our group is founded on mutual respect between artist and model.

With this in mind, the process we like to follow when booking new models is fairly flexible, dependent on experience, comfort and confidence.

If your experience speaks for itself ie you are registered with a professional life modelling website and/or you have a portfolio (artist’s work preferably - no unsolicited nude photos please) then, we would probably just book you initially for 1 or 2 sessions (if we have spaces available). This should allow us the opportunity to make sure we are all a good fit.

If you are a complete novice or less experienced, please don’t worry - the process from initial contact and actually modelling can take as long as you like.

After the initial contact we would probably invite you to attend a life drawing session (with one of our experienced models) as an observer. Previously, new models have brought some basic art materials with them to their observation sessions - which helped them feel more relaxed in the new environment.

If, after this you are keen to continue, we would book you in for a try-out. A try-out usually consists of 15-20 minutes life modelling within one of our regular sessions.

Preferably the booked model would be the same as the observation session. They would model as usual - and at some point, if you are comfortable, you will take over for your try-out. If, at any time, you feel you are not quite ready, they will be on hand for advice and/or to step back in. At no time would you be pressured into completing a try-out. This process can be repeated as often as you feel is necessary. If a try-out is successful - we would book you for your first full life modelling session with us.